DNW Aero


DNW regularly performs force measurements for customers that need to predict aerodynamic behavior, often dictated by the objective of reducing fuel consumption. In the aviation industry, force measurements are also used for:

  • Investigations into the extent to which ice formation interferes with an aircraft’s controllability
  • Application in flight simulators
  • Storage in databases with information on aerodynamic properties

Forces are measured by means of a variety of systems, comprising balances, Pressure-Sensitive Paint (PSP) and the Pressure Measurement System (PMS)

DNW uses a wide range of high-precision balances to perform extremely accurate force measurements, including rotating and non-rotating balances. Measurements can be performed internally as well as externally, depending on the features of the object and required testing conditions.

Force measurements by means of PSP are achieved by integrating the measured pressures over the model surface. 

PMS utilizes sensors in which a calibrated crystal reacts to the differences in pressure. DNW developed its pressure measurement system in close collaboration with Scanivalve, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of pressure measurement systems, and with whom DNW has a strategic relationship. The collaboration enables DNW to ensure its customers that its pressure measurements make use of state-of-the-art technology and comply with the latest standards.