DNW Aero

UHURA wind tunnel test successfully completed in DNW-LLF

17 May 2022

In this challenging test, time-resolved, synchronized measurements of surface pressures, flow field (PIV) and model deformations were performed. A big thanks to the DLR PIV team, consortium partners and colleagues for contributing to this wonderful project!

The UHURA projects aims at developing numerical tools for unsteady high-lift Aerodynamics. The Krueger flap is a  leading edge device that is a promising concept to enable laminar wing technology. Laminar wing technology is seen as the major single source for drag reduction on the airframe of a transport aircraft and will be a key technology to achieve the targets for emission reduction. The Krueger flap  could perform a dual function by both increasing aerodynamic high lift performance as well as shielding the leading edge from contamination during take-off and landing. Due to its specific deployment path, a good knowledge of the flow during the transient behavior is needed.

The UHURA project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 769088. For more information on the project visit https://uhura-project.eu/


220502 UHURA LLF team photo resized