DNW Aero

Supersonic blow-down wind tunnel SST operated successfully after a long break

20 Feb 2018

Due to renewed need for testing in the supersonic regime, DNW decided to bring the maintenance level of the SST back up to the testing requirements. That included the process of recalibration of the facility after its long period of idleness. This effort was rewarded by a successful test campaign for an external customer, finished in January 2018, who expressed great satisfaction with the performance of the tunnel and the team.

The blow-down tunnel SST operates in the Mach number range between 1.3 and 4. It has a rectangular test section of 1.2 meters width and a height depending on the Mach number up to 1.2 meters as well. The Reynolds number can be varied in the range between 25x106 en 125x106.