DNW Aero

Mia Jovetic wins the “HBO Techniek prijs 2020-2021” with “Implementing novel model aircraft configurations into the Heyson’s method for lift interference”.

13 Apr 2022

One of the enhancements is a V‑tail configuration. This made it possible to evaluate the results of the NEXTTRIP test and compare the results for V‑tail and T‑tail configurations including the power effects of the tilt-rotor. This made the choice for the overall most optimal configuration possible. Mia’s work also contributed to the publication, “Lift Interference Effects Evaluation for Powered Models in Closed-wall Low-speed Wind Tunnels”, AIAA-2021-1105.

Mia is very happy with the prize. “For me, winning this award is not only a great honour, but also proof that hard work, dedication and ambition to explore the unknown can lead to great discoveries. The field of research I chose for my very first industrial internship was initially considered unusual and demanding but that was exactly what I was looking for: a way to challenge myself. I am truly grateful to all the people I have met and worked with during this process.”

DNW congratulates Mia on her well-deserved award and wishes her continued success in her career.