DNW Aero

Meeting 14 October 2014

27 Oct 2014

On 14 October 2014 a meeting between the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment CAE, the Northwest Polytechnic University NPU, the DNW and the TU Delft took place. This was one of a series, which had started with an earlier agreement between the CAE and the DNW, signed at the Paris Air Show in 2011, but this time the meeting was expanded to cover also further activities relevant to the collaboration of the two universities, NPU and TUD. During the meeting it was resolved to launch a new open series of workshops on modeling of aeronautical wind tunnel tests. The organizational responsibility will reside with the CAE, the reference case data base will be provided by DNW and the workshops will be announced at the upcoming Zhuhai Air Show. Further topics will follow after the first workshop is concluded.

On the photo the representatives of NPU, DNW, TUD and CAE are gathered after the successful conclusion of the planning.