DNW Aero

Course on Propulsion Integration

12 Feb 2020

Propulsion integration is becoming increasingly important as new aircraft concepts attempting to reduce emissions and noise receive more and more attention. In light of these developments, DNW's ambition is to strengthen its knowledge and experience in propulsion integration. As part of these efforts, DNW organized a short course on the topic in collaboration with the Flight Performance group of Delft University of Technology.

The course was held at DNW's headquarters in Marknesse, on 24 - 26 January. Topics covered during those three days included intakes and exhausts, noise, propeller-wing interactions, effects on stability and control, experimental simulations, and more. In addition to the presentations, there was plenty of room for discussion so the course has been a great opportunity to share knowledge and learn from each other.

We are very pleased with the course and would like to thank the Flight Performance group for their presentations, comments, and active participation in the discussions. At the end of the course, both parties expressed their interest in further collaboration. We look forward to it!

Propulsion Integration course