DNW Aero

Andreas Bergmann Director of DNW

9 Apr 2018

It gives us great pleasure to announce that Andreas Bergmann took up his position as Director of DNW. Andreas is the successor of Georg Eitelberg, who retired on 01 April 2018. The Management of DNW now consists of two Directors of equal standing, appointed by each one of the parent companies German Aerospace Center DLR and the Netherlands Aerospace Centre NLR.

Before joining the Management of DNW, Andreas Bergmann was head of the DNW Business Unit Braunschweig/Göttingen/Köln BGK (for 2 years) and head of the DNW Niedergeschwindigkeits Windkanal Braunschweig NWB (for 18 years). His ample experience with our organization, customers, goals and values will enable a smooth transition to his new position. DNW will benefit from the wide background, fresh perspectives and new impulses that Andreas will bring with him to the job.