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40 Years anniversary of formal cooperation between DLR and CAE

9 Oct 2020

In September 2020, the German Aerospace Center DLR celebrated the forty years anniversary its formal cooperation with the Chinese Aeronautical Establishment CAE.


After four decades of two internationally renowned institutes working together on a wide variety of aerospace related subjects, the cooperation is still strongly alive with  subjects fully addressing the aerospace challenges of the near future. DNW congratulates DLR and CAE with this unique cooperation which is clearly beneficial for the global aerospace community.

In the wake of this cooperation, DNW has also established a successful formal cooperation on experimental research with CAE, now almost ten years ago. Looking at the recently changed technological focus due to the pandemic, yielding to an accelerated development of more sustainable technologies, there seem to be abundant opportunities for closely working together for many years to come.

Agreement signing CAE DNW 2018Follow-up agreement signing CAE DNW 2018