DNW Aero

DISPROP Aeroacoustic test in DNW-NWB

20 Oct 2023

At our wind tunnel in Braunschweig the DISPROP aeroacoustic test campaign has successfully been completed. The DISPROP project is dedicated to aerodynamic and aeroacoustic modelling of closely operating propellers. A 2D high-lift wing model equipped with three electrically driven propellers was mounted by means of the so-called C-Rig into the open test section of NWB. Installing this setup is really challenging as the tunnel axis and therefore the region of interest is located about four meters above the floor of the plenum chamber. Together with DNW project partners from Technical University Braunschweig and Leichwerk AG a steady and dynamic pressure data, propeller performance data and of course aeroacoustic dataset was acquired by means of microphone arrays and out of flow microphones. The remarkable team’s effort led to a unique data set that will be exploited by the partners of the EU-funded project led by the Technical University of Berlin.

A video about DISPROP can be seen on YouTube.